The lover, The stars & The citadel 

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"...shrouded in mysterious melancholy, an album full of narcotic beauty that threads together climax after climax." De Subjectivisten

“...after listening to the atmospheric sounds and the wonderful voices of the two singers for a brief music lesson, one wonders why Deleyaman seems to be an eternal secret and why are Nick Cave’s or Leonard Cohen’s melancholic music more widely known than Deleyaman, whose current album sounds as if they’ve set a candle for Leonard Cohen and lit it as an eternal flame on his grave. He would be grateful if he could have heard the album. Because this music is deadly sad - and because of it so beautiful, so moving, so seductive.” Thoralf Koß for

Deleyaman’s seventh album paints a sonic picture of a brief day spent in an old dwelling visiting memories and dreams.

The 57 minute album contains 11 tracks, three of which are sung in french inspired by the poetry of Paul Verlaine, Pierre de Marbeuf and Paul Eluard.

The lover, The stars & The citadel includes a prestigious guest and friend Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance), guesting on two of the album's tracks.